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The Crowd is always busy!  Whether it is a casting for the next block buster movie, or a commercial for the hottest new apparel, the CROWD is always there!                                          

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Current Sightings

CROWDshot Casting - Miami

HM Kids - Back to School

CROWDshot Casting - Sarasota

Claws - TNT

CROWDshot Casting - Orlando

Universal Studios

The Florida Project


Mathis AFTRA Interactive 


CROWDshot Casting - LA

HM Kids - Spring 2017

Mathis AFTRA Interactive 


About the crowd


CROWDshot casts talent for TV, films, commercials and print. 
After many incarnations along our journey; we have finally found a place to rest our hat.
CROWDshot represents years of hard work and perseverance through endless hours of casting and shooting.
We created CROWDshot as a one stop shop for casting and non-union payroll services.
From Los Angeles to Miami, CROWDshot has you covered.
It is just that simple.