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[kroud-shot] -noun

the talented group of individuals seen in the background of a unit of action photographed without interruption and constituting a single camera view. 


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The Crowd is always busy!  Whether it is a casting for the next block buster movie, or a commercial for the hottest new apparel, the Crowd is always there!

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Current Sightings

CROWDshot Casting - Florida

Dolphin Tale 2


CROWDshot Casting - NYC

On Location in Central Park


CROWDshot Casting - LA

5th and Sunset Studios


About the crowd


Crowd Shot casts talent for TV, films, commercials and print. 
After many incarnations along our journey; we have finally found a place to rest our hat.
Crowd Shot represents years of hard work and perseverance through endless hours of casting and shooting.
We created Crowd Shot as a one stop shop for casting and non-union payroll services.
From Los Angeles to Miami, Crowd Shot has you covered.
It is just that simple